DTMF Relay Controller

Using audio input from devices like Mobile, PC, Wireless or Internet, control 4 relays in various combinations. Stable design for error free operations with Quality components and FR4 printed circuit board.

Multipurpose Voltage Regulators Bank

Use 5V, 9V, 12V fixed voltages as well as two variable supply through popular LM317T voltage regulators, any of which can be turned off for power saving. 1.5A typical 2A Max output at each supply. Reverse polarity protection for each regulator. Many features

Infra-Red remote controller kit

Uses 38Khz general purpose Remotes normally used in homes to control relay. AC/DC device upto 240V can be turned on/off.
Great for school IR projects to understand principles of Infra Red technology and its basic use.

  • DTMF Relay Controller
    Remote Control

HAM, School projects and Home use devices and kits

Multi-purpose devices for various real life applications.