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Projects and kits to support HAM and students community

Who we are?

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Most of our projects are result of efforts of a team of certified senior HAMs. Projects very popular in HAM community can be seen at FoxDelta.Com by VU2FD

Our projects are designed from the scratch considering applicability in real life (usefulness). Latest technological developments in the device being designed are taken into consideration and adopted if necessary.

Project Kits: After bench testing, High quality FR4 grade PCBs are made. Kits include quality components, complete circuit diagram, PCB layout with silk, technical documents for detailed explanation of the project and parts list for quick and accurate project construction.

Assembled projects: All projects are not offered in assembled format. Only selected projects are offered as assembled unit also. Units supplied as assembled project are tested after assembly for project functioning as described.

Kits and devices are despatched through Couriers of repute or Indian Postal Department. Tracking numbers will be available soon after despatch.

We focus on developing projects for HAM (Amateur Radio) and Students community and real life usability of the device developed is the main concern. Prime considerations also include economy without compromise in quality.

Friends, Gurus and Guides

Dinesh / VU2FD, Tony / I2TZK and Frank /K7SFN are dedicated Senior Ham Radio operators and electronics professionals having decades of experience, the main source of knowledge and inspiration for Rajesh / VU3VHD taking this iniviative SchoolCircuits.Com for designing technical students projects.

Their professional projects for HAM community can be seen on FoxDelta.Com

Upcoming Projects

Information will appear here first :)